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Drive a year worth of sales within 2 to 3 months without burning stages

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Most entrepreneurs waste most of their resources.

And yet, most of the time it’s because of lack of resources that businesses fail or never start.

After all, why would anyone invest in a venture, a product or a service that’s only 10% likely to succeed?

The dreamers and wantrepreneurs keeping dreaming.

And the doers start guessing.

When they have an idea, they get excited, they research about it, they find tips, someone else recommends a different tip, they get confused, “I also have this other idea!”… it never ends…

…until they eventually decide to take an educated guess and most of the time, it works? just a little? waste of time? let’s try something else? etc.

Most entrepreneurs waste most of their resources. They waste most of their time. They are bad investors of their time.

This is time that could be spent billing clients, improving products or expanding, but instead it’s spent gambling.

The solution is in two simple questions:

Am I doing the right thing? What is the right thing to do?

And what do most of us do to answer those questions?

Ask Google or YouTube.

Here’s the sad truth about that.

Today, arguably every question has an answer online but if finding online answers was the solution, every passionate entrepreneur would have become a billion dollar founder.

It doesn’t work like that.

How hard is it to go back to the basics?

How hard is it to ask people who’ve been in our shoes and who can tell us exactly what to do? How hard can it be to follow the simplest and first rule of business, talk to the customer?

I’m going to be honest with you, it’s not that simple.

People are busy. You are busy.

Today, allow me to save you time, make you money while connecting you with industry leaders.

Right now, you’re spending a lot of time researching, planning and ideating.

You’re also taking time to think about the right and best things to do right now.

Picture this.

Instead of guessing the right idea, product, service or expansion plan, what if people paid you and answered those questions for you.


Through the Accelerate Method.

The Accelerate method entails providing well connected people with a strong reason to invite their network to you. It’s a way to leverage their power instead of fighting for the attention of their network.

This can be accomplished through many channels. This program is created to provide you with the needed resources and support to help you execute on the Accelerate Method depending on your needs, expectations and goals.

The Accelerate Method can be applied through online events, workshops, joint ventures, ebook collaborations and others.

One of the fastest and most effective ways to generate a year worth of results is by leveraging online events as your main Accelerate Method channel.

The channels are “mediums” they’re not the destination. The destination is your own goals whether they are to launch (sell or presell) new products and services, boost sales for existing products, build key partnerships, etc.

Look, I don’t consider myself a marketer and I don’t expect you to be one.

But when there’s an opportunity to gain exposure, test new ideas, grow a business and more, entrepreneurs are go getters.

Here’s what to expect from applying the Accelerate Method through online events or other channels:

  • Generating revenue from providing your audience with actionable advice and answers to burning questions from some of the best experts in the space.
  • Building connections with experts, leaders and influencers that will guide, support and connect you to others like them.
  • Building or growing an audience even if you’re starting from scratch.
  • Offering or testing new products, services or ideas as a presale.
  • Building credibility in the space just for gathering experts.
  • Leveraging the audience of influencers who will share and promote.

Above all, it’s for the bootstrapper. The entrepreneur who is self-funded seeking to start or grow with their own resources until they build a fundable business.

No matter what you’re working on, what I’m sharing with you today is what I consider every entrepreneur’s opportunity for a 3-month overnight success. Whether you’re building, growing or launching digital products, software, hardware, consulting or coaching services, freelance services, e-commerce products, a book, etc.

Here’s what Chris Badgett founder of LifterLMS had to say about the impact of this approach on the success of digital products.

“Every startup product/service needs an audience a.k.a. customers. So, as an Entrepreneur of a bootstrapped startup where do I get to find my initial customers? This seemed to be a very challenging step which I had little or no Idea about. Now I know what steps I need to follow in order to build an audience even before I start building my product/service. Thanks for the great sessions. A lot of other things also make more sense to me now.”

Chris Badgett

In fact, since my last application of the Accelerate Method a few months ago through the Bootstrapping Summit, this year’s expected performance? Done.

This channel (online event) had such a big impact on my existing and new ventures that I delayed the launch of the  Bootstrapping Program, one that I spent so much time preparing, to prioritize the ACCELERATE one on one launch program.

Especially after receiving close to 50 emails from entrepreneurs asking:

My goal is to raise some funds for my business, can this help?

How did you get so many people to do an interview?

Did you pay the speakers and the companies you have in the bottom of the page under Partners?

How do I presell a product with an event like this?

How much should I charge?

I’m not ready to start a business yet, how will an event like this help me find an idea?

How do I convince people to promote and invite others?

I’m running an e-commerce business, how will a project like this help me grow?

After looking at the numbers from my recent launch and after receiving so many questions, I realized that I needed to go deeper.

Before we move any further, take a look at this table that compares a few common business investments and expected outcomes from the stand points of time and money needed.

Introducing: ACCELERATE

Everything you need to validate ideas, build relationships, presell products, boost revenue, build an audience and credibility by applying the Accelerate Method.

Quick background.

It’s unbelievable how a few lines of code can make such a big impact on people’s lives.

If you asked me why I’m here. I’d answer with that.

I’ve always been a startup guy. In fact, between the ventures I started and the ones I was involved in, I must have been part of over 50 startups over the years.

In September of 2016, I decided to make a major change.

I found two main reasons behind the failure of most of my startups:

First, I didn’t go out to speak with enough people.


Truth be told, I don’t like it.

Do you know that feeling when you push yourself to do something you don’t like or feel uncomfortable with but in the back of your mind you know you’re not going to do it again after that time?

Like last year in May when for a while I’ve been trying to convince myself to workout more until one weekend I said that’s it, I’m starting tomorrow.

For four straight months I worked out 5 days a week until I completely stopped for months.

That’s the first reason why. Back when I was in college, I remember I went out for at least 2 hours every day to speak with random people, ask them questions and convince them to join.

500 interviews later I thought I was done until I launched the second version and had to speak with more. I only interviewed 20…but it doesn’t work like that especially with technology startups.

Second, I was done guessing.

In my early twenties, I feel like it didn’t matter if I spent 5 months working on a project that’s doomed to fail.

Over time, I started valuing my time more and more.

So, in October of the same year, I set two business rules:

Never start anything until you ask enough people who have done something similar (mentors)

Never start anything until enough people pay for it (presell it)

Two logical and fair rules that make a lot of sense.

So I started investing in mentors. I had a mentor for product launch, product development, content marketing, PR, and a person who ran and sold a startup development studio to help me grow my own studio, AspireIT.

Over the past now almost two years, they not only saved me at least 2 years worth of mistakes but also tripled my return on investment, in my cases, within 3 months.

Despite all the benefits I got from their guidance, there was one thing no one was willing to directly help me with:

Email their audience to promote my products and services and introduce and test new ones through presales.

Why didn’t you advertise? you ask.

Preselling is tricky. No one will pre purchase a product just for the sake of the benefit they will get out of it especially in a world where every product or service (or a variation) can be found and offered somewhere online.

To run a successful presale campaign you must have some relationship with your audience or sell it through someone or some media that has a relationship with its audience.

One of my mentor’s first presale campaign earned him $4,000

Two months later, he launched the same product to the same audience and he generated $475,000.

Now we’re talking.

Instead of going out to meet people and ask for their feedback, they clicked reply to his emails, commented, and some even jumped on a Skype call. Two months and several changes later, they loved it.

Because I didn’t have an audience, I pitched influencers and media outlets my ideas but no one agreed to promote.

I had one option: build an audience and nurture relationships with its members.

For some reason, this was a tough decision because I never thought I’d have a personal website, an email list, and all the typical things online entrepreneurs have been doing for the past two decades or so.

And then I looked at companies like Robinhood which invested months in building an audience of hundreds of thousands of people before launch, Buffer, Crazy Egg and countless other examples.

I found that every successful company gives as much time, money and attention to building and growing an audience as it does to product development. In fact, it’s because of the earlier that the latter succeeds.

I tried everything. Some worked, some didn’t, some did OK…

Until I implemented what I later called the Accelerate Method.

After some failures and small succeses over the past two years, in my recent application of the method, a 3 months project surpassed every other investment, in time and money, I made over the past two years, combined.

Because it not only tripled my audience size, it not only doubled my expected annual revenue this year, it not only enabled me to validate an idea and avoid investing in another one but also,

it enabled me to build strong relationships with over a hundred leader in the tech world I’m in while leveraging their audience and relationships to acquire new clients, meet new influencers and experts, and apply the strategies that worked for them.

Look, I’m one of the few entrepreneurs online today to focus almost exclusively on bootstrapping, preselling and part of it idea validation.

Consider this my fiduciary responsibility:

With or without my step by step support, in fact, bootstrapped or not, I highly recommend that you invest some of your time and a little bit of your money to gather industry experts around your space to:

  • Learn from them.
  • Connect with them.
  • Give other passionate entrepreneurs an opportunity to gain some insights.
  • Offer a product or a service.
  • Build recognition and write for media outlets.
  • Generate or boost revenue.
  • Build partnerships.

Having shared the background story, let me introduce you to the


A one on one guidance and support package that provides you with all the needed resources so that you can generate a year worth of “desired outcome” within 2 to 3 months without burning stages, step by step.

Done By You

Over an hour one on one session, I will take you through the key steps for applying the Accelerate Method around your topic of interest from beginning to end.

  • Swipe email copy I used to contact speakers. (appx. 2 hours)*
  • Sequence of emails I sent attendees (over 25 emails). (appx. 50 hours)*
  • Swipe email copy I used to contact promotional partners. (appx. 2 hours)*
  • Swipe email copy I sent promotional partners to share with their audience. (appx. 3 hours)*
  • Partnership pitch template I shared with promotional partners. (appx. 2 hours)*

* This is how much time it will take on average to prepare those documents from scratch.

End Result:

A clear roadmap that’ll show and give you all the needed tools, tips and strategies to apply the Accelerate Method successfully based on how you define success:

  1. Launching a new product (preselling).
  2. Boosting sales for an existing one.
  3. Generating revenue from event sales.
  4. Building or growing an audience.
  5. Building relationships with key people in the space.

The execution plan we will discuss will depend on your top priorities from the list above or others.

Capacity: 50 entrepreneurs.

Done With You

Over weekly hour long meetings we will work together to plan, execute and evaluate, quickly. After defining the key steps for the launch, every week, we will focus on one milestone at a time and make sure that we are not only moving in the right direction but also maximizing your return on time and money.

  • Done By You benefits.
  • Project website theme + one hour call to answer questions about how to customize it. (appx. $2,500)*
  • Inviting my own relevant connections to speak/get interviewed. (can’t put a $ value on years of networking)
  • Available daily over email. (appx. $1,000/month)*
  • I negotiated discounted tools needed for the event. (appx. $100/month)*

*This is the value of the services and tools available under the Done With You plan.

End Result:

This plan will quadruple your outcome from this project not just because you will have everything you need to start tomorrow, it’s also because it will feel lonely and discouraging, sometimes on a daily basis. Having someone who will push and work WITH you is going to keep you going and motivated while maximizing your return.

The result is a professionally planned and executed event that converts within a predetermined period of time.

Capacity: 20 entrepreneurs.

Done With You Plus+*

From pitching experts to promotional partners, preparing the assets including website of the event and its copy, implementing the tools, customizing emails to attendees, and launching the event. Everything you need to get a lot of the weight off your shoulders. My team and I will work with you to launch it quickly and successfully.

The Done With You Plus+ plan includes everything in the first two plans plus:

  • Pitch and attract experts. (appx. 5 hours)**
  • Pitch and attract promotional partners. (appx. 5 hours)**
  • A customized event website development and set up of all the needed tools and services (email automation, personalization, video, payment gateway, etc.). (appx. $5,500)**
  • Prepare and schedule email copy for attendees. (appx. 50 hours)**
  • Build a list of ambassadors prior to launching the event to build a network and snowball effects. (appx. 10 hours)**

*The best way to explain this plan is: consider me a Partner in the project. See in the FAQ section below.

** This is the value of the services and tools available under the Done With You Plus+ plan.

End Result:

If you’re looking for hands on support and guidance, help in customizing the material from emails, website content to pitches, support in attracting experts and promotional partners, support in conducting interviews, and everything needed to launch an event successfully, this is the right plan for you.

The result of this is certainty, less time invested and better outcome.

Capacity: 2 entrepreneurs.

“I told Abdo, I have so much on my plate and I can’t afford to waste my tight resources, will this program help me? It was the best decision I ever made. In just 3 months, we had over two hundred people lined up to use our product. Best of all, it’s 100% bootstrapped.”

John Demko

“I have questions”

How much time does it take to start and launch a project like this?

It will take on average 2.5 months. This will depend on many variables including the time you are willing to invest every week, goals from the event and number of speakers, the interviews which take the most time.

With my recent event launch, the Bootstrapping Summit, I went from idea to completion within 60 days. Keep in mind that I interviewed over 100 entrepreneurs and recruited 14 promotional partners. You could have 10, 20 or over a hundred speakers. In all cases, it should not take you more than 3 months.

I don’t have that much time. Can you tell me more about the Done With You and Done With You Plus+?

The Done With You Plus+ is created to save you time and increase certainty about the outcome of the event because not only will you know exactly what you need to do and avoid every week as in the Done With You plan, but also, many of the key and time consuming tasks like pitching experts, promotional partners, preparing emails for attendees, preparing website sales copy and more will be done directly with me.

Furthermore, you will not have to worry about the website of the event and all the integrations as it is part of the package.

In the Done With You plan, through weekly meetings and the material I have prepared for you, you will have all the resources and a clear to do list to follow every step of the way in addition to my availability over email for any follow up questions.

You just said, “…you will know exactly what you need to do and avoid every week as in the Done With You plan,” what about the Done By You plan?

Through an hour session, you will have a clear step by step plan to execute on and the needed material to use every step of the way. This material will save you about 40 hours of work assuming you know exactly what you are doing.

The Done By You plan will show you exactly what to do and avoid.

Can I start with the Done By You plan and maybe upgrade after the session? The same question for the Done With You and Done With You Plus+.

You sure can.

In case of an upgrade, the initial investment made under the first plan will go towards the payment of the chosen plan.

What if I start with the Done With You Plus+ and want to downgrade to the Done With You plan?

If you downgrade after the first session, the only thing that will change is the amount and you will be refunded the difference.

What is the cancelation policy?

For the Done With You and Done With You Plus+ plans, get back to me within 14 days and I will refund you the amount invested minus the first roadmapping session as if you joined under the Done By You plan.

You are also free to cancel at any time after the first month as long as the following payment(s) was not made.

The Done By You plan is non refundable not only to be fair to entrepreneurs joining under the other plans but also because you will get all the insights, documentation and information you need over one session.

The impact that an online event can have on a business and an entrepreneur is clear but I am really not ready to launch one now let alone I don’t feel comfortable interviewing people yet.

Can I grab the Done By You or Done With You plan to get mentored by you and maybe later start a project like this?


First, let me say something. Up until 2.5 months ago, I had never interviewed anyone in my life, ever. It’s a skill that can easily be acquired but you just have to push yourself a little bit. To practice, I started with experts I know. People I had some relationship with in the past. This helped me gain confidence with the rest.

Exercises like this will help you overcome any obstacle and I’ll be there to support you.

Yes, in fact, this month was planned to be the launch of the Bootstrapping Program where I help entrepreneurs presell ideas, bootstrap ventures, acquire the first customers or grow a promising venture.

I decided to launch the Accelerate program because of two reasons: 1) the quick and significant impact the Accelerate Method has on a business of any kind and stage, 2) it’s timely as I just launched one and have some fresh content, ideas, strategies, connections and lessons learned.

If you need support to clear your path, validate ideas, presell products and services, acquire the first 10 or 100 customers, build value adding partnerships and grow, you’re in the right place.

Finally, keep in mind that the Accelerate Method can be applied through different channels. Organizing a weekend workshop around your topic of interest, gathering expert advice to publish an ebook, bringing a few experts to chat and answer questions live over Slack are all effective Accelerate Method channels.

My job is to work with you to define the best approach and plan its execution, step by step.

What happens when I join?

In the first email you will receive, I will ask you for two things:

  1. Answer questions I prepared to learn more about your goals, objectives and questions. This will allow us to get straight to work when we have our first call.
  2. Select the best time for you to have the first call.

Just a little bit of what some entrepreneurs had to say

Ronnie Hughan

Leonard and Joe Segal
Dmitry Dragilev
Ryan Robinson
Elinor Stutz


Done by you
  • One hour roadmapping session.
  • Email copy for pitching speakers.
  • Email copy for pitching promotional partners.
  • Partnership pitch deck for promotional partners.
  • Email copy for event attendees.
  • Email copy for promotional partners to pitch their audience.

One payment of

Done With You
  • Everything in Done By You plan, plus
  • One hour weekly meetings
  • Daily availability over email
  • Event website theme
  • One hour theme customization session
  • Discounted tools
  • Referring relevant connections to speak and promote

Monthly payment of

Done With You Plus+
  • Everything in Done By You and the Done With You plan, plus
  • A customized website event with all the integrations
  • Collaboration for pitching experts
  • Collaboration for pitching promotional partners
  • Collaboration in the preparation of email copy
  • Collaboration in building a list of ambassadors
Monthly payment of








Until The Program Closes

“Thank you greatly for the information you shared and the time you took in getting to know a little about me and the businesses I’m preparing to launch. I was feeling overwhelmed and what you shared was the right information at the right time. Very clear and completely doable.

I’m setting a 3 month goal until my event and will begin implementing your advice today.

I appreciate your style of coaching — honest and without hype — and will keep you posted on my progress.

Thank you again.”

Ina Thorner